Mysteries behind about Vietnamese hair suppliers will shock you

Vietnamese hair suppliers are becoming increasingly popular in the market.  This article will give you all the facts about Vietnamese hair suppliers and some of our top picks, so you can make a good choice.

Overview about Vietnamese hair suppliers 

In recent years, the hair industry around the world has been growing quickly. As a result, more and more nations are tapping into this growing market. Vietnam was one of the first nations to enter this market, and many resellers are interested in the hair that comes from Vietnam.


And a common question is whether or not the hair products sold by Vietnamese hair suppliers are popular and where Vietnamese hair could be sold.

Vietnamese hair suppliers in the hair market

As the hair market grows, so do the expectations for beautiful hair. Vietnamese hair suppliers are some of the few manufacturing facilities worldwide that can meet the high standards of customers who want good hair at a good price.


Vietnamese hair is good quality and simple to style, so it can be sold in many different countries. For example, the African market wants both straight and curly hair from Vietnam. The European market wants blond hair,… Customers around the world who are very picky about their hair suppliers love Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Origin and characteristics of hair products from Vietnamese hair suppliers

Let’s find out where Vietnamese hair comes from and what makes it unique. This will help us understand why Vietnamese hair suppliers are so popular around the world.

  • Hair is made up of 100% human hair from Vietnam.
  • Most of the raw resources for Vietnamese hair suppliers come from the north of the country, where women still keep the tradition of keeping their hair long. The hair comes straight from the local girls.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers must use virgin hair or hair from many donors to manufacture hair extensions (remy hair). Most Vietnamese hair suppliers use remy hair, carefully selected for quality and color, to make the greatest items.
  • Vietnamese hair is shiny, strong, smooth and soft. This is due to a hair care routine that uses natural herbs and no chemicals, the diet of Vietnamese people, and the way they are made. Vietnamese hair products are beautiful, long-lasting, and simple to style whether they are bone straight or very curly.


Vietnamese hair suppliers with scale production 

There are only 4 or 5 large-scale factories in Vietnam that sell hair. The rest are used as small or home shops.

  • Even though Vietnamese hair suppliers don’t make as much hair as China does, they can still fill large orders in a short amount of time because they have skilled workers and use modern techniques.
  • Except for a few products that are always in stock, Vietnamese hair suppliers only sell products that have been pre-ordered so that they can bring the most recent and freshest products. It takes about 5–10 days to make something.


How to choose the trustworthy Vietnamese hair suppliers

There are some things you must do in order to find a reliable Vietnamese hair supplier:

  • First, make a list of Vietnamese hair suppliers who make the things you need by searching for the names of the things on the Internet or on social media.
  • The second step is to use some tips to find the reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers:
    • Check the Vietnamese hair supplier’s address on Google Maps to see if it is a real factory. This address has to be real, and the company’s name has to be marked on the map.
    • A reliable Vietnamese hair supplier should have a professional website with information about their business, products, prices, and policies.
    • Searching the Internet, YouTube, and Facebook for comments from customers about the Vietnamese hair suppliers, so that the ones with bad comments can be left out.
    • Carefully read the policies about payment, return, and warranty. It will be dangerous if the Vietnamese hair suppliers do not have a clear policy on payment, returns, and warranties.
    • It is true that many Vietnamese hair suppliers do not make the hair themselves; instead, they only act as middlemen in trades. You will get a better deal and more consistent quality from a manufacturer. You can ask the Vietnamese hair suppliers for a video call right away to find out if it’s a commercial manufacturer or a commercial supplier. The factory can be shown to you right away by the manufacturer.
    • Vietnamese hair suppliers who don’t answer your questions about the quality of their hair but always ask for money should be taken off the list.


The aforementioned advice won’t completely protect you from scammers, but it will reduce the likelihood that dishonest Vietnamese hair suppliers will con you.

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How to get a great deal from Vietnamese hair suppliers

After creating a brief list of reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers. They may give you different prices, so the next step is to work with Vietnamese hair suppliers to get prices that are fair and fit your budget. Here are some tips to help you do this:

  • Use the same Vietnamese hair supplier for different sales. They might give you different prices, and one might be the best.
  • If you say that the Vietnamese hair supplier’s price is much higher than that of other Vietnamese hair suppliers, they are unlikely to change their prices. Instead, try to make them want to come back for future larger purchases if they can give you a fair price.
  • Suggest that the Vietnamese hair supplier give you the wholesale price when you buy a lot. Vietnamese hair suppliers can still offer you a trial discount even if you don’t plan to buy a lot the first time.
  • Most Vietnamese hair suppliers have programs to reward repeat customers, so if you buy hair from the same one or two Vietnamese hair suppliers, you can get a discount.


Top best recommended Vietnamese hair suppliers 

Here are some reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers who are loved by customers all over the world for their high-quality products and low prices so you don’t have to waste time looking.

Vin hair vendor – One of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers

Vin Hair vendor has high-quality Vietnamese human hair for your hair business

  • Vin hair vendor sells wefts, bundles, clip-in, tape-in and tip-in. 
  • This hair supplier employs only the best Vietnamese hair in its products. The hair comes from healthy northern mountain women who utilize herbal hair products.
  • Skilled workers select each hair strand to assure its quality, strength, resilience, and longevity.
  • Vin hair provider produces its products in-house, allowing them to offer the lowest prices. Vinhair offers great deals.
  • Some Vietnamese hair suppliers, like Vin Hair, have production facilities. Vin hair offers great value. Your business should work with Vin hair vendor


Vin hair vendor offer inexpensive, high-quality Vietnamese hair to hair industry wholesalers and distributors.

K-Hair Factory – One of the reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers

K-Hair is a Vietnamese hair vendor that has been selling raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair all over the world for over 10 years.


  • We sell bulk hair, closures, and frontals in different lengths and colors.
  • Prices start at $7.7 per 100 grams of bulk hair and $12.90 per 100 grams of other types.
  • Relevant policy: you can send something back within 30 days of receiving it. For customized items, you can’t exchange or return them.
  • What Customers Say: Customers give K-Hair Factory a lot of good feedback. Most of them are happy with Mic Hair’s hair extensions and think the prices are fair for what they get.

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