Hanoi Cinnamon Your Reliable Partner For Wholesale Spice Success

Discover how Hanoi Cinnamon can be your trusted ally in achieving wholesale spice success. Explore our extensive range of high-quality cinnamon products and unlock the secret to enhancing your culinary creations. 

1. General information about Hanoi Cinnamon 

Hanoi Cinnamon is a leading wholesaler of Vietnamese cinnamon and other agricultural products. Hanoi Cinnamon has been a trusted industry partner for over 25 years. The company’s motto, “Quality is King,” ensures high-quality products.

1.1. The establishment history of Hanoi Cinnamon

Hanoi Cinnamon exports to 80 countries. The company is well-positioned to serve customers worldwide with headquarters in Vietnam and the US.

  • Hanoi Cinnamon excels in sustainability and ethics. The company supports local communities and the environment through organic farming and responsible sourcing.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon sells a wide variety of Vietnamese cinnamon. The company offers cinnamon sticks, powder, and essential oil to meet customer needs. Hanoi Cinnamon products are known for their flavor, aroma, and health benefits.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon offers competitive pricing and flexible wholesale options in addition to high-quality products. The company tailors packaging, quantities, and delivery schedules to wholesalers’ needs.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon prioritizes customer service. Customer service is fast and efficient at the company. Hanoi Cinnamon strives to exceed customer expectations and build long-term relationships.

Hanoi Cinnamon is well-known in the wholesale cinnamon industry for its quality, sustainability, and customer service. Hanoi Cinnamon is a trusted supplier of premium cinnamon products to wholesalers due to its experience, global reach, and dedication to quality.


The establishment history of Hanoi Cinnamon

1.2. Vision and mission of Hanoi Cinnamon

Guided by a clear vision and a strong mission, Hanoi Cinnamon aims to become a global leader in the cinnamon industry. With an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Hanoi Cinnamon strives to deliver the highest quality Vietnamese cinnamon products to customers worldwide. Let’s delve into the vision and mission that drive Hanoi Cinnamon’s success:

  • Vision: Hanoi Cinnamon envisions becoming a global leader in the cinnamon industry, recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. The company aims to expand its presence in key markets worldwide and be the preferred choice for customers seeking the finest cinnamon products.
  • Mission: The mission of Hanoi Cinnamon is to be the premier wholesale supplier of Vietnamese cinnamon, delivering the highest quality products to customers worldwide. The company is dedicated to promoting and showcasing the exceptional flavors and aromas of Vietnamese cinnamon while upholding sustainable farming practices and supporting local communities. Hanoi Cinnamon strives to be a trusted partner, providing superior cinnamon products that inspire culinary creativity and enhance the lives of its customers.

2. Information about Hanoi Cinnamon products

From exquisite cinnamon sticks to aromatic powders and rich essential oils, Hanoi Cinnamon takes pride in delivering the finest quality cinnamon products that captivate the senses. Let’s discover the remarkable offerings from Hanoi Cinnamon and embark on a journey of culinary delight and aromatic indulgence.

2.1. The product list of Hanoi Cinnamon 

Hanoi Cinnamon offers a diverse range of products sourced from Vietnamese cinnamon. Here is a list of notable products provided by Hanoi Cinnamon:

  • Vietnamese Cinnamon Sticks: Hanoi Cinnamon supplies natural Vietnamese cinnamon sticks known for their freshness and natural aroma. These cinnamon sticks come in various sizes and thicknesses to cater to customers’ needs.
  • Cinnamon Powder: Hanoi Cinnamon Brand provides natural cinnamon powder processed from fresh cinnamon bark. Cinnamon powder is a common ingredient in many cooking and baking recipes, offering a distinctive flavor and impressive color.
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil: Hanoi Cinnamon offers natural cinnamon essential oil extracted from cinnamon leaves and bark. Cinnamon essential oil possesses a distinctive aroma and finds wide applications in the fragrance industry, cosmetics, and natural health care practices.

Hanoi Cinnamon is committed to delivering high-quality cinnamon products that are fresh, flavorful, and naturally aromatic. The diversity and quality of these products allow customers to fully enjoy the taste and health benefits that cinnamon brings.

2.2. The product assessment process of Hanoi Cinnamon 

Hanoi Cinnamon ensures quality with a strict product approval process. Steps in product vetting:

  • Sourcing and Selection: Hanoi Cinnamon chooses reliable suppliers who practice sustainable and ethical farming. The company sources their cinnamon from premium Vietnamese cinnamon trees.
  • Quality Control: Hanoi Cinnamon rigorously controls quality after acquiring raw materials. Professionals inspect cinnamon for aroma, taste, color, and quality. To maintain the brand’s quality, poor batches are rejected.
  • Processing and Packaging: Hanoi Cinnamon uses modern facilities that meet hygiene and safety standards. To preserve its flavors and aromas, cinnamon is carefully cleaned, dried, and ground. Packaging protects finished products from moisture, light, and contaminants.
  • Laboratory Testing: Hanoi Cinnamon performs extensive laboratory tests to ensure product quality, purity, and safety. Microbiological, chemical, and regulatory tests are performed. Distributed products must pass these rigorous tests.
  • Traceability and Documentation: Hanoi Cinnamon tracks each batch of products from source to finish. This ensures supply chain transparency and accountability.
  • Continuous Improvement: Hanoi Cinnamon reviews its processes to improve product quality and customer satisfaction. Customer feedback and market trends help them improve their products.

Hanoi Cinnamon ensures wholesalers receive high-quality cinnamon products that meet their strict standards by implementing a meticulous product approval process.


The product assessment process of Hanoi Cinnamon

3. The contact information of Hanoi Cinnamon

Below are the contact information of Hanoi Cinnamon that wholesalers can learn more about this brand:

Website: hncinnamon.com  

Email: hanoicinnamon1@gmail.com

Address: 558 Quang Trung Street, La Khe, Ha Dong, Hanoi, Vietnam

Whatsapp: +84994685555

Social media: www.tumblr.com/vietnamese-cinnamon

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