Looking K-Hair Vietnam reviews before buying hair from them

Today, among the many hair vendors in Vietnam, K-Hair is one of the best-known and attracts a lot of clients. You can find all the facts about K-Hair Vietnam reviews that will help you decide whether to purchase hair from this factory.

1. K-Hair Vietnam reviews: Company overview

K-Hair, which may be an abbreviation or reference to King-Hair, is a company that operates with the slogan “Quality is king.” This slogan highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing product quality as their utmost concern. 

With 30 years of experience, K-Hair Vietnam operates a factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, and maintains two representative offices in Nigeria. Their primary objective is to deliver the best possible products that cater to the needs and expectations of even the most discerning customers.


About K-Hair Vietnam

2. K-Hair Vietnam reviews base on their products

K-Hair Vietnam stands out among other hair manufacturers as they continue to offer Vietnamese remy hair which is selected carefully. The Vietnamese remy hair they use is sourced from 2-3 donors who share certain similarities.

In K-Hair Vietnam reviews, it is evident that they provide a wide range of options to cater to different hair types and styles. Their product catalog includes various types of hair extensions such as  hair weave, clip-ins, tape-ins, closures and frontals, as well as bulk hair and full wigs.

Customers can choose from a diverse selection of hairstyles offered by K-Hair Vietnam. They offer straight, wavy, and curly hair in different colors. Some of their popular choices include bone straight hair, curly pixie, kinky hair, body wave, and many more. These hairstyles are available in trendy colors.

K-Hair Vietnam products are available ranging from 8 inches to 30 inches, providing customers with a wide range of choices.


Main product from K-Hair

3. K-Hair Vietnam reviews about their hair prices

Customers are mostly concerned with price as a significant element. Comparing K-Hair’s prices to those of other hair factories in Vietnam and those in China and India, it can be said that they fall into the medium-high price range.

According to types, lengths, and hues, hair cost will change (from $13/ 100g bundle 8 inches). Of course, it will cost more to color hair that is difficult to match.

4. Customer service from K-Hair Vietnam reviews

You need to pay attention to a hair vendor’s customer service before choosing to engage with them. These K-Hair Vietnam customer services will be vital in assisting you in deciding whether or not to purchase hair from them.

4.1. K-Hair Vietnam reviews about their payment method

K Hair Factory also offers payment services through agents because dealing with foreign currencies, particularly the USD, can be difficult for African customers.

K-Hair Vietnam will accept several payment ways based on the market:

  • Bank transfer: Customers can make payments by transferring the funds directly from their bank account to the vendor’s bank account. This method usually requires providing the vendor’s bank details for the transaction.
  • Paypal: PayPal is a widely used online payment platform that allows customers to make secure transactions using their PayPal account or by linking their credit/debit card to their PayPal account.
  • Credit/Debit Card: Many hair vendors accept major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Customers can provide their card details to complete the payment securely.

It’s important to note that payment methods may vary depending on the specific policies and practices due to K-Hair Vietnam reviews.

4.2. K-Hair Vietnam reviews base on their shipping method

K-Hair Vietnam, like many other hair vendors, typically offers multiple shipping methods to accommodate the needs of their customers. The specific shipping options and policies may vary based on factors such as the customer’s location, the size and weight of the package, and the urgency of the delivery. The fastest shipping option available, utilizing reputable courier services such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Express shipping provides expedited delivery with a tracking number and generally ensures quicker and more reliable transportation of the hair products.

4.3. K-Hair Vietnam reviews base on their return exchange

K-Hair Vietnam offers exchanges and returns under the following conditions:

The hair products must stay in the same state as when they were delivered.

Customers that make mistakes will be held liable for the delivery fees and will need to adhere to the return policies.

Under certain circumstances, K-Hair Vendor will cover all expenses if the manufacturer is at fault. Customers have stated in some K-Hair Vietnam reviews that K-Hair Factory does not reply fast to concerns, and this hair vendor’s explanation was that their order volume was too high and created a number of issues that needed to be resolved.

5. Some K-Hair Vietnam reviews base on their customer feedback

About K-Hair Vietnam reviews, they receive a lot of positive feedback from customers because of its excellent hair quality and professional customer service:

From Rosa Maria Aguado: “I love how K-Hair gives me different offerings and recommendations of Vietnam hair pieces, which was really helpful because I’ve never purchased wigs online before. The team was very supportive and patient enough to explain all the steps needed for me to confirm my purchase. Totally appreciate that!”

However, many people complained to K-Hair Vietnam about how long the production and distribution processes took. Due to this, many clients believe they are frauds and have negative reviews on Google. In addition, some consumers have left negative evaluations in addition to good ones because the company’s quality looks unpredictable:

From Karen Mpokosa: “I am really disappointed with their guys before I bought hair, they used to call me like 4 times a day, but after I sent money one month now they don;t reply to my text. They are just quite, I don’t even know what’s happening”

6. K-Hair Vietnam reviews: Should you buy hair from this vendor

As was already said, K-Hair Vietnam is a top raw hair wholesalers with moderately high costs in comparison to other significant raw Vietnamese hair wholesalers, the drawback is the occasionally unpredictable quality and lengthy production and delivery periods.

Therefore, K-Hair is not a sensible choice if you need a lot of hair products in a hurry. However, K-Hair Factory might be a good partner if you prefer to have a large selection of items and are not in a rush.

You should purchase a sample hair product to check out before making a decision to purchase in bulk because there has recently been some dispute regarding the quality of K-Hair in K-Hair Vietnam reviews.

If you want premium hair wholesale in a hurry and K-Hair is not your best choice, refer to other hair factories in Vietnam through the article: https://vinhairvendor.com/all-about-vietnamese-hair-factory-and-their-business-secrets/

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