Mic Hair Vietnam reviews

If you are looking for a reliable hair vendor to buy hair extensions, read this Mic Hair Vietnam Reviews. You will have everything you need to know about this supplier.

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: Products

In the first part of Mic Hair Vietnam Reviews, I want to talk about their products. With the vast selection of products, I knew I had to give them a try. After several purchases, I can confidently say that Mic Hair Vietnam is one of the best places to buy hair extensions online. Some of their products are:

  • Well-made weave hair: Hair weaving is the best seller at Mic Hair. Hair weave is a type of hair that’s attached to your own hair. They are divided into three types which are Single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn. They also offer numerous choices of textures like wavy, funmi, curly and straight.
  • High quality hair bulk: As Mic Hair Vietnam reviews, hair bulk at Mic Hair is a worthwhile investment. Hair bulk is an amount of hair that is tied with an elastic band. They have a wide range of products you can choose for yourself with various textures like wavy, curly, straight,..and colors like light brown, chestnut brown, blonde and black..You will be amazed at the variety of products they offer.
  • Beautiful hair extensions: Hair extensions at Mic Hair are made from natural human hair without chemical treatment. They are the hair that people use to stick into their own scalp to add more volume to their own hair or to make it appear longer. At Mic Hair they offer numerous options for you from flat-tip, tape-in to i-tp and u-tip.

With the wide range of hair types on the shelf, Mic Hair has everything that you look for. All you need to do is to drop by and select what hair item is the most suitable for you.


Mic Hair Vietnam offers a wide range of products

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: High quality products

When it comes to purchasing hair extensions, product quality is probably the most important factor to consider, which must be included in Mic Hair Vietnam reviews.

  • Quality control: At Mic Hair, they take quality control seriously. The hair is high quality Vietnamese hair which is sourced from reliable and ethical suppliers, and thoroughly inspect each bundle of hair before using it to make the final products.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Their hair is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting as all their hair items are made from human hair, so you won’t have to replace them frequently like other brands. You can enjoy your extensions for a long time without worrying about them becoming dry or brittle. It can last for years if you take care of it properly.
  • Texture: I cant describe how i love the texture of their product. All the hair is soft and silky with natural shine, proving that they are well taken care of.
  • Versatility: Another factor that contributes to the good quality is the versatility of their products, as you can style the hair items in the way you want without worrying that it will be damaged or the hair sheds out.

That’s what i love about the products available at Mic Hair Vietnam. You try them if you want without worrying too much about the quality.

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: Price of hair items

One of the most attractive aspects of Mic Hair is their affordable prices. Compared to other brands, their extensions are reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. They also offer frequent sales and discounts, making it even more accessible for those on a budget.
Here are the prices of some hair items at Mic Hair Vietnam:

  • Hair bulk: $7.7 – $39.5
  • Hair wave: $14.4 – $30
  • Hair extensions: $19.72 – $77.62

The price depends on the quality of hair you choose, single drawn, double drawn or super double drawn. In my opinion, the price Mic Hair Vietnam offers is a bit higher than other hair vendors. You should take this into consideration if you are on a budget.

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: 24/7 customer support system

I really love to write this part in Mic Hair Vietnam reviews. They offer a 24/7 customer support system, which means that you can contact them at any time of the day. This is especially helpful for those who may be in different time zones or have busy schedules. From my personal experience, I can confidently say that their customer service team is exceptional. They are not only knowledgeable but also friendly and always willing to help.
Overall, Mic Hair Vietnam’s customer service is top-notch, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hassle-free shopping experience.


Mic Hair Vietnam has excellent customer service.

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: Policies

At Mic Hair Vietnam, we prioritize customer satisfaction and have implemented several policies to ensure that our customers are happy with their purchases.

  • Return policy: Mic Hair Vietnam offers a 30-day return policy for all the products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of purchase.
  • Warranty policy: Their products are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last. However, Mic Hair Vietnam understands that issues may arise, which is why they have a warranty policy in place. If there are any issues with your hair extensions within six months of purchase, they will replace them free of charge. They stand behind the quality of their products and want to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.
  • Shipping policy: Mic Hair offers fast and reliable shipping to ensure that their customers receive their hair extensions as quickly as possible. Customers from all over the world can import hair products from Vietnam easily.

With all these policies, Mic Hair Vietnam should be one of the most reliable hair supplier you have ever found. Those who are looking for a supplier to import hair from Vietnam can choose this supplier.

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: Shipping

In this session, I will give you more information about their shipping process and what I love about it.

  • Shipping process: From my personal experience, I can say that Mic Hair ‘s shipping process is top-notch. They have an efficient and reliable system that ensures your extensions arrive in a timely manner. What’s more, they offer worldwide shipping, so no matter where you are located, you can receive your order.
  • Tracking and fees: One thing I appreciate about Mic Hair is that they provide tracking numbers for all orders. This means you can keep track of your package every step of the way, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, their shipping fees are reasonable, and they often offer free shipping.

Overall, I find Mic Hair Vietnam’s shipping process to be hassle-free. They take care of everything, from packaging to delivery, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient shipping process for your hair extensions, I highly recommend Mic Hair.

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: Payment options

In this part of Mic Hair Vietnam reviews, i will talk about the payment options available at Mic Hair. They offer a variety of payment options to make it easy for their customers to purchase their hair extensions. They accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.
The payment process is secure and they take the privacy of their customers seriously.

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: Pros and cons

The following in Mic Hair Vietnam reviews represents my evaluation of their goods and services.

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: Pros

I have discovered a number of benefits that make Mic Hair Vietnam stand out from other hair businesses. In this Mic Hair Vietnam review, i will show you the good parts first.

  • Firstly, their hair quality is great. It looks like natural hair and it blends perfectly with my own hair.
  • Secondly, it is accessible to everyone due to the reasonable price.
  • Thirdly, there are numerous variations available, including various colours, textures and length.
  • Lastly, the company offers excellent customer service. They go great lengths to make the customers satisfied with their products and services.

These are the things that I appreciate the most about Mic Hair. Hope they keep their good work up!

Mic Hair Vietnam reviews: Cons

Despite all the advantages, there are a few drawbacks to take into account. Read this part in Mic Hair Vietnam reviews carefully.

  • Firstly, it can take a long while to receive the product sometimes. If you require the hair right now, this may be frustrating.
  • Secondly, the reviews show that some customers complained about the unpleasant smell of the hair items they got at Mic Hair. So, you need to take this into consideration if you have scent sensitivity.

Here is my evaluation in Mic Hair Vietnam reviews from my own and other customers’ experience. Check it out before you decide to buy hair products from this hair vendor.


Overall, Mic Hair Vietnam is an excellent choice for those looking to purchase high-quality hair extensions. If you’re still on the fence about trying Mic Hair Vietnam, take comfort in knowing that they have numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can’t go wrong with choosing this brand for all your hair extension needs. I hope Mic Hair Vietnam reviews help you in choosing the right product and the right supplier for yourself.

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