Steps to master the art of striking lucrative deals with lash suppliers

This article covers all steps to strike lucrative deals with lash suppliers, from initial search to negotiation and deal closure. Grab a cup of tea to enjoy while enhancing your knowledge to optimize future business dealings for maximum gains.

Search for potential lash suppliers

To find suitable lash suppliers, explore various types of suppliers and utilize both offline and online channels. This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough search and helps identify the most appropriate and trustworthy supplier for your lash business.

Types of lash suppliers

Types of lash suppliers can be categorized as follows:

  • Factory: Lash suppliers who are manufacturers and have their own production facilities. They produce lash products, such as lash extensions, adhesives, and tools, in-house. Working directly with a factory can offer advantages in terms of customization options, quality control, and potentially better pricing.
  • Traders: Lash suppliers who act as intermediaries between manufacturers and buyers. They purchase lash products from factories or wholesalers and sell them to retailers or end consumers. Traders often have a diverse range of lash products from multiple manufacturers, providing convenience and access to a variety of options.
  • Sourcing Company: Lash suppliers who specialize in sourcing and procuring lash products on behalf of buyers. They have expertise in supplier identification, negotiation, quality control, and logistics management. Sourcing companies offer valuable support to businesses that may lack the resources or knowledge to handle the procurement process independently.
  • Wholesalers: Lash suppliers who purchase lash products in bulk from manufacturers or traders and sell them in larger quantities to retailers or other businesses. Wholesalers often offer competitive pricing due to their bulk purchasing power and may have a wide range of lash products available for selection.

Types of lash suppliers

Each type of lash supplier has its own advantages and considerations. When choosing lash suppliers, factors such as product quality, pricing, customization options, reliability, and the specific needs of your business should be taken into account. Conducting thorough research and evaluating potential suppliers based on your requirements will help you make an informed decision.

Channels to find lash suppliers

Channels to find lash suppliers can be broadly categorized into offline and online channels. Here are some more details about each channel:

  • Offline Channels:
    • Intermediaries: Connect with distributors, wholesalers, or agents who work directly with lash suppliers.
    • Tradeshows and Exhibitions: Attend industry-specific events to meet reputable lash suppliers and view their top professional eyelash supplies.
  • Online Channels:
    • Search Engines: Utilize search engines to find lash suppliers and explore their offerings.
    • E-commerce Platforms and Social Media: Explore platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, Instagram, and Facebook to connect with lash suppliers and browse their products.

By leveraging a combination of offline and online channels, you can cast a wide net in your search for lash suppliers, evaluate different options, and ultimately find reliable partners who can meet your specific requirements.

Send inquiries to lash suppliers

Proceeding with inquiries to lash suppliers involves requesting catalogues and gathering information on their customer services. Thoroughly understanding these aspects enables you to make informed decisions and determine which lash supplier aligns best with the needs and benefits of your business.


Send inquiries to lash suppliers

Asking for catalogues from lash suppliers

When requesting catalogues from lash suppliers, you can inquire about the diverse selection of lash extensions showcased in their portfolio, as well as the wide range of lash liquids and tools they offer for you to choose from.

  • Requesting lash extension catalogues from suppliers: Reach out to lash suppliers and ask for a comprehensive catalogue showcasing their range of lash extensions, including different lengths, curls, and materials available.
  • Inquiring about lash liquids catalogues: Contact potential eyelash extension suppliers and request a catalogue that highlights their selection of lash liquids, such as cleansers, primers, adhesives, and sealants, along with detailed descriptions and pricing information.
  • Seeking lash tools and accessories catalogues: Ask lash suppliers to provide a catalogue featuring their assortment of lash tools and accessories, including tweezers, micro swabs, wands, glue rings, and other related items, complete with product specifications and pricing details.

By procuring a diverse range of lash supplies from lash suppliers, you have the opportunity to transform your business into a comprehensive destination for customers, leading to increased revenue through effective cross-selling and up-selling strategies.

Requesting details of services provided by lash suppliers

When inquiring about the services provided by lash suppliers, you may also gather details on the following:

  • Private-label solutions: Check if the lash suppliers offer private-label solutions, allowing you to customize lash products with your own branding elements. Find out about the process, minimum order quantities, pricing, and any additional services related to private-labeling.
  • Customer support: Inquire about the customer support services available. This includes pre-sales assistance, product consultations, and after-sales support. Ask how customers can reach their support team, the expected response times, and any specific support channels or resources provided.

Requesting details of services provided by lash suppliers

When reaching out to lash suppliers, it is essential to request comprehensive information about the services they provide. This includes inquiring about their offerings such as private-label solutions, customer support, and any additional services they may offer. Obtaining these details allows you to assess the suitability of the lash suppliers and make informed decisions for your business.

Compare prices & terms among multiple lash suppliers

To streamline your sourcing process and drive business growth, it is vital to conduct thorough price and term comparisons among various lash suppliers. Although this requires an investment of time and effort, the outcome is invaluable as it enables you to select the optimal option that aligns with your business goals and ensures long-term benefits.

Compare prices among lash suppliers

When comparing prices among lash suppliers, consider the following factors:

  • Factory-direct price: Some lash suppliers offer factory-direct prices, which can be advantageous in terms of cost savings. These suppliers have their manufacturing facilities, allowing them to eliminate middlemen and offer competitive prices. Inquire about the possibility of obtaining factory-direct prices and any minimum order quantities associated with this pricing option.
  • Wholesale price: Many lash suppliers provide wholesale prices for bulk orders. Wholesale prices are typically lower than retail prices and offer cost benefits when purchasing lash supplies in larger quantities. Ask each supplier about their wholesale pricing structure, including any volume-based discounts or pricing tiers.

Compare prices among lash suppliers

It’s important to note that while price is an important consideration, other factors such as product quality, customer support, and reliability should also be evaluated when choosing lash suppliers. Strive for a balance between competitive pricing and the overall value and suitability of the products and services offered by each supplier.

Compare terms and policies of lash suppliers

When comparing the terms and policies of different lash suppliers, consider the following aspects:

  • Warranty: Inquire about the warranty offered by each lash supplier. Look for details regarding the duration of the warranty and the specific conditions or limitations that apply. A longer warranty period can provide you with peace of mind and protection in case of any product defects or issues.
  • Refunds and exchanges: Understand the refund and exchange policies of the lash suppliers. Determine if they accept returns for damaged or incorrect items, and if so, what the process and timeline are for requesting a refund or exchange. Clear and customer-friendly refund and exchange policies can ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Delivery: Consider the delivery options and timelines provided by the lash suppliers. Evaluate their shipping methods, estimated delivery times, and any associated costs. Reliable and timely delivery is crucial to ensure that you receive your lash supplies in a timely manner and meet your own customer demands.
  • Free samples: Some lash suppliers may offer free samples to allow you to assess the quality and suitability of their products. Inquire about their sample policy, including how many samples you can request, any shipping fees involved, and the process for requesting samples. Free samples can be beneficial in helping you make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Payment terms: Understand the payment terms offered by each lash supplier. Consider factors such as accepted payment methods, any upfront deposits or payment schedules, and any discounts or incentives for certain payment options. Flexible and convenient payment terms can contribute to a smoother transaction process.

Compare terms and policies of lash suppliers

By comparing the terms and policies of different lash suppliers, you can identify those that align with your business needs and preferences. Carefully review and evaluate each aspect to ensure that you choose a supplier that not only offers competitive pricing but also provides favorable terms and policies that support your business objectives.

To delve deeper into the subsequent stages, please refer to part 2 of this article titled “Final but necessary steps to make a secure deal with lash suppliers.” Uncover the crucial final steps that play a significant role in securing profitable agreements and fostering enduring partnerships with trustworthy lash suppliers.

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